Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Australian Woman

Well when it rains it pours, and since I live in the tropics that should come as no surprise. However I am not just referring to the weather, even tho it has not let up all day, it seems that being sick was the first thing to go wrong. Our hot water system is playing up and the weather means I’m going to have to use the dryer.
Oh well, since it seems I can’t get anything I planed done at the moment I have decided to have a tidy up instead. I plan to look at everything in a new light, do we need it?, can we sell it?, can we find it a new home (even if that just means some were in our home, so it’s tidy).

One of the other things I am doing is keeping a collector’s logbook of all my retro things, stuff, bits, etc. So here are all the covers of my Australian Woman magazines.


  1. You poor dear. It will be better soon. When our water heater died, it forced us to decide what was really necessary. Insurance would pay for replacements, but we truly did not need most of what was destroyed. Clearing your home of unused and unloved items will help you feel better. Plus any extra money made from sales will make rainy days more tolerable!

    Here in Canada, it's coming spring and unseasonably warm. Snow where I live, doesn't usually melt for another month or two and is melting like crazy.

    Your cover scans are beautiful! I wish I had access to paper ephemera like your collection. That is truly fabulous!

  2. We are lucky the hot water is just not getting hot, hope to have it fixed today.

    My collection is slowly growing but I am trying only to use money I make from sales etc to fund my hobby.