Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Since I've had many childrens parties to go to this weekend I realy didn't get much vintage sewing done. A few half finished progects but nothing to blog about yet. So I thought I would share some sewing finds of mine. I got 5 copies of Australian Home Journal off eBay and while they are not in great shape they do give a good idea of what woman were up to.

The clothes on the front covers are also free pattens inside but you have to inlarge them and I'm not sure how to do that yet.

They also have a number of knitting pattens inside too, for every thing from soft toys, bedsocks and jumpers for every one in the family.

And the adds dont get me started on the adds, some things never change, but I do love the clothes.
Most of them are full of clothes, ethier as pattens you can sew or knit yourself or loads of one you can order, or buy pre-made (OMG). Not made but a few and they are always followed by a photo not a drawing as normal. This is the most clear sign of movement to massprodution I have come across yet, as far as ready made clothes go in Australian that is.

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