Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Retro Fridge

We are about to start the plans for our "new" retro kitchen, so I thought I should start working out what I would like to put in it. First thing first, a fridge. I've collected a few pics all from Australian sources’ of fridges and then went looking for the best match. Since Darling Husband wants a NEW fridge not a second hand retro fridge, it limits my options. As we are up north and might as well be rural it makes things that bit harder. So far all I have found is the Smeg, I love it but I think it’s smaller then our now fridge and this could be a problem.

So here are a few of the fridges I've found so far.
The most common thing I have found so far is that many Australian fridges eathier don't have a freezer or it's on the bottom. I wounder if our love of cheast frezzers started back then.

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