Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recipe of the Week

While last week I only achieved one dish this week I did dinner and dessert, both dishes were new to me but I was very happy with the end product and will probably add this to our “Eat more often” list. We had Pork Chops is Sauce followed buy Apple Tart.

Due to Darling Husband taking our camera to work and leaving it there I had to take photos with my phone and now I cannot work out how to get them off. I will add them later if I work it out.

So on with the meal. From New Australian Cookery main was,

Pork Chops in Sauce

4 pork chops
2 cups rich milk (I used full fat)
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon dry mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

Flour chops and brown in a hot pan with a bit of butter or oil. Place in a fireproof dish (ovenproof, stoneware works best), sprinkle with mustard, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Pour milk over them and bake for about 30 minutes in moderate over (I left my and 180oC) Milk should reduce and thicken to become sauce, do not allow to dry out.

This is a great dish if you have small children as I found the pork was easy for them to cut on their own and parted from the fat easily. I served the pork chops with mashed potato and steamed vegetables, left over mash can be used for hash browns the next morning.

Apple Tart (covered)From Australian Cookery of Today Illustrated, (yet to be blogged)

1lb. cooking apples (I find green apples the beast to cook with)
4oz. Caster sugar
Grated lemon rind
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch salt
1oz. Butter
½ lb. Short or biscuit pastry (I used puff pastry as I am yet to master the art of pastry making)

Butter a fireproof dish and line with pastry. Mix cinnamon, salt, and sugar and lemon rind together. Peel, core and slice apples (we have one of these apple gadgets). Layer apples in fireproof dish and sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mix between layers as you go. Melt butter and pour over the top of apples. Cover with pasty, pinch edges together and brush with milk. Put in a hot over till pastry browns.

I served with thickened cream and ice-cream and there was none left over so a big hit. To save on time I made the tart while I waited for the Pork Chops to bake then turned the oven down and put the tart in as we all sat down to eat, it was ready by the time we all finished the chops and cleared the table. This was a good combo in my eyes and I will be looking for more ideas like this.

Well thank you for reading and I’m sorry about the lack of photos. If anyone should try any of these dishes I would look to hear about it.

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