Saturday, February 6, 2010

McCalls 3519

I picked up this lovely little patten for Miss Little, McCalls 3519. It's a few sizes to big for her now but it's fairly easy to fix. It has a dress patten and a pinafore and also allows for fabric with strips. The patten was published in 1955 in the USA.

When I went thought my stash of fabric I found an old bed sheet in pink that had been ripped but was work able for the pinafore. to add to this I found some buttons and a bit of light pink for the belt. Well she loves it and it's been great for waring over her ballet clothes.
As you can see it is too big across the chest so I moved the buttons across on the back and kept the hem long. She should wear it out before she grows out of it. Will have to make the dress so as she is already asking for it.

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