Monday, February 1, 2010

The Good Wife

When I first started making changes to our family and life style I did some digging. The best places to start with change is one's self, so I have to become a good wife, not much has really changed. It's not that change was needed but more I needed direction, I already do most of the things it is suggested for a good wife to do.

I did however come across this great article in droves, The Good Wife's Guide. It's every were you look and if you don't go too far with the idea of it it's kind of nice. Now don't get me wrong the man needs to live up to his end of things too and that just doesn't seem to happen the way it use to.

But for me I do plan most if not all of our dinners up to a week ahead. I like to look nice, if for nobody else but me. We do have a tidy house, but there is always something I could be doing. I live in the believe that if I close the door it's not there (it applies mostly to the children's room's).
Besides my Mr. Big (and mean that in his not one of our Master Little's ) is not a man of the 50's and likes the noise of his children, so I think we have a good mix of the old and the now.

And just in case somebody comes across this and gets all fired up. I am not in any way saying women's lib should be out the window, this is my choice. It's simple that I don't think the Good Housewife's of yesterday, today and tomorrow are given the credit that is due to them, and for that matter the men who do the same role.

Well I should stop there before I get to exited.

More Housewife ideas, Housewife Q&A, 1900's Housewife, The Good Housewife's Encyclopedia, Return of the 1950's Housewife, you can always find more it's never ending. Have fun.


  1. Great post! I think people are realizing that homemaking is a career as valid as any outside the home. It's a shift in thinking I've seen as more families are choosing to have a parent stay at home.