Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visit to the Library

Late yesterday I stopped by the local library to see what I could find, good place to start, if the books not what you want you can take it back and try again. I picked my books mainly based on title as I had a little one with me and he didn't want to sit still.

The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1950's, Nick Yapp - Not a bad book but not what I was after, lots of great every day pic tho.

20th Century Design 40's & 50's, Helen Jones & Picture History of the 20th Century, Richard Tames - These books are more high school project types but give a good overview and lots of great pics. There is some talk of australia.

Design in Australia 1880 - 1970, Michael Bogle - Now this had more of what I was after, a lot more reading then any of the other with only a few pics but it really helped explain how and why Australia was different to USA and England. Will read this one more in depth.

Not a bad start but I was hoping for more. Will keep reading and looking for more info.

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